2008: Doctor of Philosophy (History), University of Texas at Austin.

2003: Master of Arts (History), University of Texas at Austin.

2001: Master of Arts [Undergraduate Degree] (Modern History), First Class, University of St Andrews, Scotland.


2017-Present: Reader in Environmental History, University of Bristol.

2014-2017: Associate Professor, Department of History, Colorado State University.

2008-2014: Assistant Professor, Department of History, Colorado State University.

Select Publications

A. Howkins, Frozen Empires: An Environmental History of the Antarctica Peninsula (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2017)

P. Roberts, L-M. van der Watt, and A. Howkins, Antarctica and the Humanities (Houndmills Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)

A. Howkins, M. Fiege, J. Orsi, National Parks Beyond the Nation: Global Perspectives on “America’s Best Idea” (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2016)

A. Howkins, The Polar Regions: An Environmental History (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2016)

A. Howkins, “Taylor’s Valley: What the History of Antarctica’s ‘Heroic Era’ can Contribute to Contemporary Ecological Research in the McMurdo Dry Valleys” Environment and History 22(1) 2016

A. Hicks and A. Howkins, “Tipping the Iceberg: A Collaborative Approach to Redesigning the Undergraduate Research Assignment in an Antarctic History Capstone Seminar” The History Teacher 48(2) (2015), 339-370.

A. Howkins, “Experiments in the Anthropocene: Climate Change and History in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica,” in a forum on climate change and history published in Environmental History in April 2014. The forum as a whole is referenced as Carey, M., et al. (2014). “Forum Introduction.” Environmental History 19 (2): 282-364.

A. Howkins, “The significance of the frontier in Antarctic history: how the US West has shaped the geopolitics of the far South” Polar Journal 3 (2013), 9-30.

B. Luedtke and A. Howkins, “Polarized Climates: the distinctive histories of climate change and politics in the Arctic and Antarctica since the beginning of the Cold War” WIRES Climate Change 3 (2012) 145-159.

A. Howkins, “Melting Empires: Climate Change and Politics in Antarctica Since the International Geophysical Year” Osiris 26 (2011) 180-197.

Select Grants

2015-2017: I am Principal Investigator on an National Science Foundation funded project to create a historical photo archive of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica.

2011-2017: I am a co-Principal Investigator on the McMurdo Dry Valleys (MCM) Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Grant funded by the National Science Foundation.  This project has involved two trips to Antarctica to conduct fieldwork in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.  The grant will result in the publication of an academic monograph on the environmental history of the McMurdo Dry Valleys and a number of other scholarly publications and presentations.

Recent Conference Presentations

September 2015, Gave a presentation on my MCM LTER research at a working group on history and ecology at the LTER All Scientists Meeting in Estes Park.

March 2015, Participant in round-table panel on the history of the Polar Regions at the ASEH annual conference in Washington D.C.